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• Encourage investments and export opportunities in fisheries fields
• Accelerate new information and fisheries technology exchange locally and globally
• Socialize adaptive and innovative results from fisheries technology including supportive instruments to investors and players in Indonesia’s fisheries industry
• Become a communication and effective interaction platform between stakeholders, practitioners, engineers, and players in Indonesia fisheries industry
• Encourage regions in Indonesia which has potentials in fisheries to trigger fisheries business investment growth in each region
• Attract foreign investors to invest in Indonesia’s fisheries industry

Exhibitor Profile

  • Animal Breeding
  • Animal Health
  • Animal housing & farm equipment
  • Industrial feed, grain & raw material processing equipment
  • Feed
  • Feed ingredients/additivies
  • Fish processing, seasoning, packaging, handling, refrigeration
  • Laboratory, testing equipment and services
  • Logistic and handling
  • Waste water management
  • Knowledge transfer/consultacy
  • Hatching/Incubation

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Are you a decision maker looking for new equipment? Are you planning to invest in new technology? Be our guest and let us host you for doing business with our exhibitors. Together with our exhibitors we choose the best buyers to be hosted.


Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)

ICE is the perfect event destination, located in the heart of BSD City, Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) is the perfect venue for hosting a wide range of national and international scale of events. Covering a total land area of approximately 220.000 sqm, The venue is designed to be one of the most spacious exhibition and convention center in Indonesia. It offers to facilitate a full spectrum of business events simultaneously additional to the core business of meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions.

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) sets apart our uniqueness, ICE offers 10 exhibition halls with a total area of 50.000 sqm and an additional 50.000 sqm outdoor exhibition space, a 4.000 sqm convention hall divisible into 4 rooms; 33 meeting rooms; and a 12.000 sqm convenient pre-function lobby.


Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard Raya No.1, Pagedangan, Kec. Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten 15339


Official Hotels

Hotel Santika Premiere ICE - BSD CITY


Floorplan Ildex

Exhibitor List 2018

NoFASCIA NAMETypeCountryMain Business
1AGRINA MAGAZINEMediaIndonesiaMedia and Transfer Knowledge
2Artha lautan Mulia, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaTilapia Farming
3ASOSIASI PETERNAK CATFISH INDONESIAAssociationIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
4ATNIC EKOTEKNO WICAKSANA, PT (JALA.TECH)StartupIndonesiaStartup Digitech of Crowd Funding
5Balai Besar Perikanan Budidaya Air Payau (BBPBAP) JeparaGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
6Balai Besar Perikanan Budidaya Air Tawar (BBPBAT) SukabumiGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
7Balai Besar Perikanan Budidaya Laut (BBPBL) LampungGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
8Balai Pelayanan Usaha Produksi Perikanan Budidaya (BLUPPB) KarawangGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
9Balai Perikanan Budidaya Air Payau (BPBAP) SitubondoGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
10Balai Perikanan Budidaya Air Payau (BPBAP) TakalarGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
11Balai Perikanan Budidaya Air Payau (BPBAP) Ujung BateeGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
12Balai Perikanan Budidaya Air Tawar ( BPBAT) MandianginGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
13Balai Perikanan Budidaya Air Tawar ( BPBAT) Sungai GelamGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
14Balai Perikanan Budidaya Air Tawar ( BPBAT) TateluGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
15Balai Perikanan Budidaya Laut (BPBL) AmbonGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
16Balai Perikanan Budidaya Laut (BPBL) BatamGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
17Balai Perikanan Budidaya Laut (BPBL) LombokGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
18Balai Produksi Udang Unggul dan Kekerangan (BPIUUK) KarangasemGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
19Bern Aqua NVLocal & Int. CoBelgiumFish and shrimp Feed
20BLUE AQUA GROUPLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaHatchery, Water Treatment, System & Equipment, Auquarium
21Bumi Asri Lestari, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaShrimp Farming
22CPAC Asia Imaging Products Ltd.Local & Int. CoThailandAnimal Health
23CROWDE MEMBANGUN BANGSA, PTStartupIndonesiaStartup Digitech of Crowd Funding
24DE HEUS NUTRISI INDONESIA, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaAnimal Nutrition
25Deep Trekker, Inc.Local & Int. CoCanadaRemotely operated vehicles (ROVs)
26Dewi LUWAKLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaCoffee
28DINAS KELAUTAN DAN PERIKANAN PROV. JAWA TIMURGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
29DINAS KELAUTAN DAN PERIKANAN PROV. JAWA BARATGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
31DINAS PERIKANAN KABUPATEN JEPARAGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
32DUA BUDAYA SELARAS, PTLocal & Int. CoRussiaFeed & Animal Health
33FPIK - UNPADUniversityIndonesiaEducation and Transfer Knowledge
34GABUNGAN PERUSAHAAN MAKANAN TERNAKAssociationIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
35GANI ARTA DWITUNGGAL, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaManufacturer
36Gemah Ripah Berkah, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaAgriculture & Food Security
37Geotechnical Systemindo, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaGeomembrane
38GEWINN GOLD HOTAMA, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaDigital Scales manufacturing and sales
39GOLD COIN SPECIALITIES Local & Int. CoIndonesiaAquafeed
40HIDUP BARU PLASINDO, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaPlastic produce bags / plastic bags 
41IKAN BANGUN INDONESUA, PT (FISHLOG.ID)StartupIndonesiaStartup Digitech of Fish Logistic and Processing
42INDOSCO DWIJAYA SAKTI, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaAnimal Health
43INFISHTA DIGITAL INDONESIA, PTStartupIndonesiaStartup Digitech of Crowd Funding
44INFO AKUAKULTUR MAGAZINEMediaIndonesiaMedia and Transfer Knowledge
46INOVASI SUKSES SENTOSA, PTMediaIndonesiaMedia and Transfer Knowledge
47Iroha Sidat Indonesia, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaEel Farming
48KALIBER MITRA SAKTI, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaFeedmill Equipment
49KEMENTERIAN KELAUTAN DAN PERIKANAN (KKP)GovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
50KINGLAB INDONESIA, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaLaboratory equipments and rapid test
51Kraksaan Windu, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaShrimp Farming
52Loka Pemeriksaan Penyakit Ikan dan Lingkungan (LPPIL) SerangGovernmentIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
53Marubeni Nisshin Feed Co., Ltd.Local & Int. CoJapanAquafeed
54Matala Water Technology Co., Ltd.Local & Int. CoTaiwanWater Treatment
55MINA CERIA NUSANTARA, CVStartupIndonesiaStartup Digitech of Crowd Funding
56MINA MARITIM INDONESIA, PTStartupIndonesiaStartup Digitech of Indonesian maritime training and certification platform
57MULTIDAYA TEKNOLOGI NUSANTARA, PT (EFISHERY)StartupIndonesiaStartup Digitech of Auto Feeder
58MULTIPRO ENVIRO INDONESIA, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaGeosysnthetic technology services
59Nutreco N.VLocal & Int. CoNetherlandAnimal nutrition and Aquafeed
60PELNI (PERSERO), PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaSea transportation services
61PERIKANAN UNTIRTAUniversityIndonesiaEducation and Transfer Knowledge
62PRADIPTA PARAMITA, CVLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaBiotechnology Industry
63PURI ENVIRON, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaSystem & Equipment
64Reed Mariculture Inc.Local & Int. CoUSAMarine microalgae concentrates
65SAY GROW INDONESIA, PTStartupIndonesiaStartup Digitech of Crowd Funding
66SEKOLAH TINGGI PERIKANAN JAKARTAUniversityIndonesiaEducation and Transfer Knowledge
67SHANGHAI YINGFAN E.M. CO., LTD.Local & Int. CoChinaManufacturer, Trading Company
68SHI BEILocal & Int. CoChinaEquipment
69SKRETTING INDONESIA, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaFish and shrimp feed
70SOLMAX Local & Int. CoFranceGeomembrane
71SURI TANI PEMUKA, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaAquafeed Production, Fish Processing, Shrimp Feed Manufacturing and Farming
72TAIHEIYO CEMENT CORPORATIONLocal & Int. CoJapanAnimal Health
73TECO MULTI GUNA ELEKTRO, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaMotor manufacturer
74TEQUISA INDONESIA, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaAquafeed, Aquaculture facilities and infrastructure services
75TROBOS AQUA MAGAZINEMediaIndonesiaMedia and Transfer Knowledge
76Ueno Food Techno Industry, Ltd.Local & Int. CoJapanManufacturing and sales of food additives
77Universal Agri Bisnisindo, PTLocal & Int. CoIndonesiaFeed Industry
78VENAMBAK.IDStartupIndonesiaStartup Digitech of Farmer Link
79XpertSeaLocal & Int. CoCanadaSmart aquaculture equipment& growth platform
81Shrimp Club Indonesia (SCI)AssociationIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
82Himpunan Pembudidaya Ikan Laut Indonesia (HIPILINDO)AssociationIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
83Asosisasi Pengusaha Pengolahan & Pemasaran Produk Perikanan Indonesia (AP5I)AssociationIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
84Asosisasi Rumput Laut Indonesia (ARLI)AssociationIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
85Asosiasi Rantai Pendingin Indonesia (ARPI)AssociationIndonesiaTransfer Knowledge
86Agristream TVMediaIndonesiaMedia and Transfer Knowledge
87Bogorraya TVMediaIndonesiaMedia and Transfer Knowledge
88KKP NewsMediaIndonesiaMedia and Transfer Knowledge

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